Creating OVZ Template

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Current article describes how to create template from existent OpenVZ container using simfs .

You can do it directly from the SolusVM Admin CP (use "Create template" feature under VirtualServer management tab).

Anyway there exists cases when you need to create it manually. It's quite easy.

First stop container that you want to use as source for OVZ template:

vzctl stop <VZID>

Optional is to clean the logs . You can find logfiles for stopped container in next path:


You can clean messages, secure, maillog, etc. You can clean all logs under /vz/private/<VZID>/var/log/

Create template [assuming you are using simfs]

cd /vz/private/<VZID>/
tar czf /vz/template/cache/<Template_name>.tar.gz ./* 

For example create template for container with ID=344 and Template Name will be "Centos6_LAMP_Webmin"

vzctl stop 344
cd /vz/private/344  
tar czf /vz/template/cache/Centos6_LAMP_Webmin.tar.gz ./*

After that you should copy the created template file to the Main NODE server and to all other NODES. Put template into (Use the same path on main node server) :


In solusVM you can copy the newly created template to main server and use "Media Sync" feature to sync the template with all nodes.

NOTE: if you are using ploop dy default you may create the new container with simfs option like:

vzctl create CTID --layout simfs

or try to tar the /vz/root/<VZID>/ instead of /vz/private/<VZID>

For more info refer to the OpenVZ official wiki: