Jenkins reset admin password

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How to reset Jenkins admin password w/o disabling security. In this example we assume that your Jenkins configuration use Project Matrix Authorization Strategy If you are using LDAP - this is related to your LDAP/ActiveDirectory administation.

Usually Jenkins config files located under /var/lib/jenkins/ However you may find where is Jenkins using find:

#find / -name "config.xml" | grep "jenkins"

The users configs located in users/ folder. the admin user may be under differ name (usually "admin" but not always). You may find who is admin in jenkins config:

#cat /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml | grep -A3  Matrix
<authorizationStrategy class="">

We can see that admin and user2 have admin access. So let's reset password for admin. The password is crypted with bcrypt and located in "config.xml" under "/var/lib/jenkins/users/admin/" folder. The crypted password stored in a next line:


You need to generate new bcrypt password hash for desired password. You can use online services but more secure is to use bcrypt lib for python for example:

pip install bcrypt
>>> import bcrypt
>>> bcrypt.hashpw("yourpassword", bcrypt.gensalt(rounds=10, prefix=b"2a"))

This will output your hash, with prefix 2a, the correct prefix for Jenkins hashes. Now, edit the config.xml file:


restart Jenkins :

systemctl  restart jenkins #centos/rhel
service jenkins restart #ubuntu/debian

now you can login with new password