Swappages set for OpenVZ container

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If you face that you need swap usage inside some container (for example it's if customer would like to install Oracle on vps) You should perform next command from the OpenVZ Node:

vzctl set <vzID> --swappages <value>:<value>M --save

For example set upper swap border equal to 2048 *(as Oracle installer needs)

vzctl set 654 --swappages 0:2048M --save

Note that ins SolusVM virtual machine conf file can be overwritten sometimes (os reinstall, conf change from panel). coz probably better to make config via solusvm admin cp, and set the next values under "Resources" config section  : VSwap 2048MB Enable VSwap - yes

also check virtual machine .conf file for sure.

For adding 256M of swap manually, edit the following line in the CT conf file: